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1573, the siege of Sancerre

Discover the secrets of Sancerre during the great siege of 1573.

  • 2 h
  • À partir de 10 euros
  • Sancerre

Description du service

Let's go back in time! You are in Sancerre in 1573 during the reign of King Charles IX. It is a very dark time and one religious war follows another. Protestants were persecuted and massacred troughout the Kingdom of France, so they took refuge in the city. Jean de Léry is an explorer, a writer and a Protestant minister in the nearby city La Charité. He is one of these refugees. You have a bag with you. It contains several clues and tools and a part of Jean de Léry's journal. Will this help you to unravel some of the mysteries of Sancerre?

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